Welcome to the Department of Physics! Are you interested in the world of elementary particles, the thermonuclear fusion, modern mathematical theories and current theoretical and technological challenges? Then you are at the right place. At our Department, you have an opportunity to enter the world of physics from the beginning, to establish the international cooperation already during your studies and to prepare yourself thoroughly for a career of a scientist or an expert in praxis. You can choose from four specializations:

  • Study Nuclear and Particle Physics and understand in detail the laws that determine the desiny of the smallest constituents of matter; how particles are detected; how data from large experiments are analyzed and more. All this within cooperation with the most prestigious science centers of the world such as CERN or BNL.
  • Submerge yourself in the theory, the quantum physics or the applied mathematics while studying the Mathematical Physics at our Department. The field offers an insight into the modern mathematical disciplines such as the general theory of relativity, the differential geometry or the theory of Lie algebras, that are essential for the current science.
  • Join an intensive research in the filed of the thermonuclear fusion, which is the perspective energy source of the future. The specialization Physics of Plasma and Thermonuclear Fusion prepares students both theoretically and practically for occupation in number of disciplines from the energetics and medicine to the material engineering. 
  • Enter the world of Quantum Technologies, that represent a quickly developing, modern field of physical research with a number of applications, such as the quantum information and communication, the quantum optics, the physics and technology of lasers, solid state physics and nanomaterials.

All students of the Department of Physics are trained in the basics of Physics and Mathematics within common core courses. Besides that, they gain basic programming skills, which are essential for the most of the current scientific fields. The study programme is supplemented by optional subjects that reflect the interests of the student and their specialization.


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Visit our faculty before the beginning of your studies! The Department of Physics is organizing events for middle schools and for the general public.