Bachelor Programme in English

The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE CTU) in Prague offers full-time Bachelor Programme courses three years (6 semesters) in duration, i.e. students are expected to be always present at lectures, exercises, practicals, and seminars throughout the semester. The tuition fee for Bachelor’s programmes taught in English is 110 000 CZK per one academic year (55 000 CZK per semester).

The chosen field of study is to be entered in the application form. However, in the first two years most of the study fields (marked blue in the table) offer a core course of fundamentals of maths, physics, and information technology, and two language courses. On application, transfer is possible from one field of study to another at a later point in a student's career provided that some minimal requirements are met for the specific field, i.e. the student demonstrates sufficient proficiency for the transfer. This provision offers students more time to get familiar with the structure of courses and select their final specialisation.

Some fields of the Bachelor Programme are not intended as prerequisites for master courses (they are marked green), while some are extensions of the undergraduate programme and are directly linked to such, and are prerequisites for the master continuation courses (see the table below).

What is offered in the Bachelor Programme?

The Bachelor Programme enables students to

  • Acquire a broad overview of mathematics and physics enabling them to solve interdisciplinary problems (as part of the core course);

  • Learn the basics of programming at respective levels of their specialisation;

  • Join a scientific team as early as the second year;

  • Produce a high-quality bachelor project that can be put into practice;

Admission qualifications and requirements to be met by the prospective student:

  • Successful passage of school-leaving (exit) examination (known also as Matura, Abitur, A-level) or submission of a certificate recognisable as an aptitude test.

  • English language competence demonstrated by submission of B2 language examination level certificate. This requirement does not apply to students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, etc.
  • Successful completion of the admission procedure.

  • Applicants are requested to prove their English language competence at a minimum level of SERR B2 either 

    a. by submitting a proof of having taken and passed the whole secondary education programme in English, or 

    b. by submitting one of the following English language certificates:

    Cambridge English Language Certificate - level B2 (e.g. FCE)
    IELTS – degree 5.5 or higher
    TOEFL – level B2
    City & Guilds International ESOL – level B2 
    telc English B2

    Student´s English language competence may be proven by submitting even some other certificate. The decision of acceptance or non-acceptance of this certificate is up to the Department of Humanities and Languages.

    c. Unless the student is able to prove their competence by submitting any of the documents under a) and b) above, or, in case the certificate submitted is not recognized (see b) above), the student shall take an entrance examination in English administered by the Department of Humanities and Languages.

Upon attainment of the required number of credits (180), successful completion of coursework in all courses, submission and defence of the Bachelor Project, and successful passage of the State Final Examination the student is awarded a Bachelor's Degree (Bc.) at a graduation ceremony in the Bethlehem Chapel. This is a prerequisite for entering the Master Continuation Programme or starting a career.

Fields of Bachelor Programme open in current academic year can be found here.