Quantum Generators of Optical Radiation

Scope of questions for State exams of Master's degree program

Branch: Quantum Technologies

Subject: Quantum Generators of Optical Radiation

Subjects regarding the questions:

  • 12KGOZ1 Quantum Generators of Optical Radiation 1
  • 12KGOZ2 Quantum Generators of Optical Radiation 2
  1. Physical laser model -Liouville equation for laser as a closed quantum system, basics of quantum damping theory, Markov approximation, and master equation for the evolution of damped quantum systems, Pauli master equations.

  2. Semi-classical theory of resonant radiation interaction with the matter -Hamiltonian interaction of radiation with the matter, two-level approximation, equation for polarization and inversion of population of two-level matter, theory of dispersion and spectral characteristics of resonant matter.

  3. Pulse propagation by resonant matter –equations for propagation of signal with slow envelope, amplification and absorption of radiation in incoherent pulse propagation approximation, phenomena associated with coherent pulse propagation.

  4. Semi-classical laser description -rate equation for laser with short resonator, threshold of laser generation, laser output characteristics, laser transition mode, Q-switched laser equation and their solutions, amplified spontaneous emission and laser without resonator.

  5. Laser resonator -open resonator and its stability, longitudinal and transverse modes of open resonator and their spectrum, Gaussian beam and its basic parameters, losses in laser resonator, stabilization and tuning of laser radiation wavelength.

  6. Lasers types and their basic characteristics -solid state lasers, gas lasers, dye lasers, semiconductor lasers, x-ray lasers, free electron lasers.

  7. Generation of short laser pulses -active and passive Q-switching and Q-switches, gain switching, mode-locking regime and methods, bandwidth-limited pulse, influence of dispersion and its compensation, shaping of ultrashort pulses.

  8. Amplification and generation of new laser radiation wavelengths -high-power laser radiation amplifiers, amplifier power limit, ultrashort laser pulse amplification, parametric and Raman amplifiers and generators, high-energy laser systems.

  9. Fully quantum description of laser -quasi-distribution function and operators ordering, evolution of quasi-distribution function and Fokker-Planck equation, Hamiltonian interaction of radiation with resonant matter, Fokker-Planck equation for laser system, adiabatic elimination of atomic variables, laser approximation of Van der Polo oscillator.

  10. Laser radiation application -application of laser radiation in industry, application of laser radiation in medicine, application of laser radiation in data processing, utilization of laser radiation coherence in applications, laser safety.