Events for high schools

Are you in high school and interested in science? Come to the Department of Physics and try out the work of the scientist by yourself. We organize several events to serve this purpose, you just need to choose!


Science Week


Science week is dedicated to talented and motivated students interested in physics, mathematics, chemistry or informatics, who consider studying Science at the university. What can you look forward to? The programme traditionally consists of following parts:
  • lectures of leading researchers and teachers not only from FNSPE CTU
  • miniprojects including an expert research task and a final presentation
  • excursions to prestigious research facilities
  • discussions with students of FNSPE CTU
  • teambuilding game Fort Břehyard and a casino

 The main goal of the Science Week is to introduce you the ways of science communication. You are going to undergo the full process ending with a scientific paper - the aim of every scientist. You will be given work instructions and a research set-up, then you will conduct the experiment, analyze the data and based on that, you will understand your scientific case.

For more, visit a dedicated website Týden vědy.


International Masterclasses for Girls


By the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly from 2015, Fabruary 11th is recognized as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
The goal is to celebrate the essential role of women in the world of science and support their access to the education in science, as well as participation in scientific activites.

Thanks to our event Day as a Scientist, you have an opportunity to enjoy this day with us and get to know various fields of maths, physics and chemistry. 

You can look forward to lectures, discussions, but most importnantly - promising women in science who will confirm by first-hand experience that science was made for girls.

More information on the dedicated website International Masterclasses for Girls.


International Masterclasses


How does it feel to be a CERN scientist? Come and give it a try for a day at our Department. Participants of the seminar get to analyze the real data from experiments on the accelerator LHC in CERN. They sample methods of research of basic properties of matter and discoveries of new particles. They are introduced to main ideas of the quantum mechanics and models describing the microworld. 

International Particle Physics Masterclasses na FJFI ČVUT pořádáme s podporou CERN-CZ, BNL-CZ, Pražské Pobočky JČMF a Pražské sekce EPS Young Minds.
In the morning, lectures in the Particle Physics take place. After the hands-on session, all the participating partner institutions join through the videoconference with CERN to share and compare their results with an opportunity of discussion.

 More infromation can be found on a website International Masterclasses - Staň se na den částicovým fyzikem.


The International Physicist' Tournament

The International Physicist' Tournament is a high-school level team competition. Challenging experimental tasks are prepared, processed and presented in multiple rounds of the competition throughout the year. These tasks are announced uniformly for all rounds of the international competition.

The FNSPE support the event on the long-term basis: by organizing the regional round, by participation in the Opening Workshop or by helping to prepare the teams. Details about the Tournament (rules, tasks, guidelines) are on a website The International Physicist' Tournament.

If you are interested in more events organized at FNSPE, visit this website.You will find there information about Preparation Courses that can be helpful at the beggining or about the next Open Doors Day.