Classical Physics

Scope of questions for State exams of Bachelor's degree program

Branch: Quantum Technologies

Subject: Classical Physics

Subjects regarding the questions:

  • 02MECH Mechanics
  • 02ELMA Electricity and Magnetism
  • 02TER Heat and Molecular Physics
  • 02VOAF Waves, Optics and Atomic Physics
  • 02TSFA Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

1. Dynamics of point mass movement
Newton laws of motion; Newton law of gravitation; Galilei relativity principle; 1-dimensional motion; linear harmonic oscilátor; mathematic pendulum

2. Mechanics of system of particles
impulse laws; conservation laws; König theorem; two body problém; Kepler problem

3. Special theory of relativity
postulates of STR; Lorentz transformation; contraction of length; time dilatation; proper time; interval; adding velocities; Minkowsky space-time; relativistic energy and momentum

4. Maxwell equations
integral and differential of Maxwell equations in vacuum and in the matter; Gauss, Ampere and Faraday law; vector and scalar potential; Lorentz force

5. Electrostatic and stationary magnetic field
Coulomb law; intensity of electrostatic field; energy of the system of charges; electrostatic potential; multipole series; electric dipole; polarization vector; magnetic dipole; vector of magnetization; Biot Savart law

6. Waves in disperse and non-disperse environment
standing and travelling waves; wave energy and energy flux density on the string; wave equation; disperse relation; wave packet and Fourier transformation; grup and phase velocity; equation of spherical and plane wave

7. Electromagnetic waves
plane electromagnetic wave; energy density; Poynting vector; intensity; polarization; interference and diffraction

8. Atomic physics
black body radiation; Planck hypothesis; photoeffect; de Broglie hypothesis

9. Thermodynamics
thermodynamic principles; Maxwell relations and thermodynamic potentials; entropy; ideal gas and its properties; thermodynamical balance

10. Statistical physics
most probable distribution; Maxwell distribution of velocities; canonic a grandcanonic ensemble; partition sum; equipartition theorem