Basics of Numerical Mathematics

Scope of questions for State exams of Bachelor's degree program

Branch: Mathematical Physics

Subject: Basics of Numerical Mathematics

Subjects regarding the questions:

  • 01NMA1 Numerická matematika 1
  • 01NUM2 Numerická matematika 2


1. Finite and iterative methods for solution of systems of linear equations and inverse matrix.
2. Solution of partial and complete problem of eigenvalues.
3. Solution of (systems of) non-linear algebraic and transcedent equations.
4. Lagrange interpolation, numerical approximation of derivatives and integral.
5. Solution of boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations by means of conversion to initial-value problems.
6. Finite-Difference Method and boundary-value problemsfor ordinary differential equations.
7. Properties of difference schemes and their investigation, the Lax theorem.
8. Finite-Difference Method for elliptic partial differential equations.
9. Finite-Difference Method for parabolic partial differential equations.
10. Differential and integral form of conservation laws and basics of their numerical solution.