GOLEM Tokamak

In support of the experimental part of the teaching, a small tokamak was reconstructed in a unique way and now serves as a centre for education in physics, technology and management of an experimental facility for the control of thermonuclear fusion under terrestrial conditions. Many types of practical exercises, workshops and summer schools in plasma physics are held at this facility, commissioned by institutions within the FUSENET (Fusion Education Network) consortium of European universities and research institutes. At GOLEM tokamak, in addition to education, we are working on applications of high-temperature superconductors in real tokamak operation, investigating the life time of radio-frequency plasmas excited by electromagnetic waves in a magnetic field, and mapping poloidal asymmetries of plasma flux measured by an array of Mach probes. The unique configuration of the coils and iron core of the GOLEM tokamak is used to develop and test a 3D model of ferromagnetics in order to characterize the change in the external magnetic field distribution in the vicinity of unsaturated (or partially saturated) ferromagnetic materials.

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